Pembrokeshire based wildlife watercolour artist - Gareth Hughes

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Commissions start at £125.00

The actual cost of your commission will be clearly working out and quoted in advance and will depend on the size, subject matter and requested background of the work, as well as the requested time scale for delivery.

If you are commissioning a pet portrait you will need to supply a clear photograph of your animal which you can either email or post as a photographic print. Your print will be returned with your painting. Do please bear in mind that your painting will be based entirely on the image that you have provided so do choose carefully.

If you are commissioning a wildlife painting I do have an extensive collection of reference material to browse through but do feel free to supply further examples. The composition of your painting will be fully agreed before commencing the work.

A portrait concentrating on the head and face of your pet or favourite animal is likely to cost less than a full portrait.

Detailed backgrounds take a considerably longer time to complete and therefore increase the cost of your commission quite substantially.

Your painting will be supplied unframed and unmounted so, if your commission is to be gift for a special occasion, please contact your local framer before confirming your commission and allow time to have the work framed before the big day!

Unless otherwise agreed I will retain the right to publish and sell images of your commission either for sale or publicity purposes. You are buying the original painting only. If you wish to buy the rights to the painting please ask when seeking your quote.

Before beginning work on your painting I will require a non-refundable 25% deposit to cover administration and material costs. On completion of the work I will send you detailed photographs and you have the option to decline to accept the painting with no further payment due. However, I will require receipt of the full agreed price before sending the painting to you.

Your original artwork will be sent carefully packed by Special Delivery or other equivalent service.

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I hope that you will enjoy viewing the artwork on this site and on my online shop where you will find original watercolour paintings, prints and cards available for purchase, as well as information regarding commissions.